Friday, February 1, 2008

Cleaning Whitewall Tires

Whitewall Tires, or Redwall Tires add a touch of flash when newly done, but they get marked and scuffed just with the day to day use of your vehicle.
Here is a method on how to clean Whitewall Tires, or ANY coloured Tires, to keep them looking flash!
This is not a particularly difficult task.
Stay away from cleaners that contain bleach, silicon, or harsh chemicals. These cleaners will eventually cause deep yellowing and cracking that can not be reversed.

Use a mild detergent, or dish washing liquid, on your tires and rinse well.

You could also employ a premium whitewall cleanser on whitewall tires.
Harsh chemical washes, brake dust and road salts can cause pitting and corrosion on your wheels - therefore, wash and wax your wheels weekly.
The most important thing is to keep the tires clean from day one.
If dirt and grim is allowed to sit on the tire, the white wall may never return to it's original bright colour.